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How to Load a Dumpster For Fast, Simple and Safe Waste Disposal


When tackling any home project, such as remodeling, moving, organizing, or just cleaning house, you want more than just a cheap dumpster.  You want to get the best value and the best service for your money. This can be done by loading your roll-off dumpster the smart way. 

Maximize The Space Of Your Dumpster Rental

The truth is... These dumpsters can hold a lot of your stuff! However, if you don't have a plan to properly fill the container to maximize your space, your stuff will pile up fast! Here's a few tips to get the most out of your dumpster rental
  • Break down items before placing them in your dumpster - This would include items such as:  boxes, drywall, and concrete.  

  • Pause and examine your remaining space every so often - Demolition phases of remodeling products move fast! You don’t want to waste time at the end trying to squeeze more into your dumpster.

  • Organize smaller items to fill the gaps left by larger items.

  • Slide smaller bundles of trash under furniture and between the legs.

These tips will maximize the value of your temporary dumpster rental by reducing dead space and therefore, giving you more value out of your roll-off dumpster.   

Load Larger Items First 

Think big! It's always best to utilize the walk-in twin doors that are a staple of Bin There Dump That dumpster rentals in Steubenville. 

Bulky items, such as furniture, fixtures, and old equipment, should be loaded into your dumpster first.  A dumpster with walk-in twin doors makes this so much easier than your typical bin.  With these doors, you could even load these items with a wheel barrel or dolly.  

Bin There Dump That’s walk-in twin doors provide easier loading, so lifting these items to the top of your trash bin is not necessary.  You can then begin to fill with smaller items. 

 Couple Walking Into the Dumpster

Safety First When Loading Your Dumpster Rental

Safety should always be your top priority when tackling home projects.

  • Keep children and pets away from the bin. - It might look like a fun playhouse in their eyes, but items can shift and cause injuries.

  • Don’t smoke in or around the dumpster - Some items could be easily ignited.

  • Place sharp objects or broken glass in a container before putting them into the bin - This will help you avoid cuts.

  • DO NOT place restricted items into the dumpster - This includes refrigerators, televisions, and hazardous chemicals, etc.

Your Dumpster Consultant will go over this safety list with you when you rent your dumpster. Do you have questions? Make a list of your questions and any questionable junk so you can ask your consultant.

Avoid Injuries

Protect yourself from preventable incidents.

  • Wear gloves to protect your hands - You’ll have a better grip and avoid an accident.

  • Test the weight of each load before you try to lift it - Ask for help when you need it.

  • Always use proper lifting techniques; bend your knees; keep your back straight; avoid twisting; keep the load close to your body.

  • Use our walk-in dumpster doors instead of throwing the trash over the top.

Don’t overfill The Container

Please do not fill higher than the top of the bin.  Our drivers cover the dumpsters during removal, but overfilling could pose danger to our drivers and other vehicles while transporting to the dump area.

Loading a dumpster has historically been just a matter of tossing your junk and debris over the sides, but there is more to it than that.  

Allow common sense to be your guide; but follow our tips to ensure value and safety while loading your temporary dumpster.  And, should your residential friendly dumpster needs require our services to the Ohio River Valley, including Steubenville, East Liverpool, Youngstown, Warren & Boardman, our Dumpster Consultants are always available for questions or concerns that you may have, be it selecting the right sized bin, placement ability or even what can and can’t be tossed into it.  You will be pleasantly surprised with the knowledge level of our residential friendly dumpster staff! 

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