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How We Can Help With A Garage To Office Makeover


Say Yes to Success

"I sat in a garage and invented the future." - Steve Jobs

Obviously, not everyone will have the amazing success of Steve Jobs. However, as home offices increase in popularity, many people are considering the garage to office makeover. This can be a great alternative to using valuable living space within the home, and is much cheaper and faster to do than building an addition.

garage to home office makeover
If you're thinking about this, maybe you're feeling at a loss as to where to start. Face it... a lot of garages are more like dungeons than a place to live and work. Not everyone has the fortitude of Sir Walter Raleigh, who wrote his History of the World while imprisoned in the Tower of London for 13 years. So, in order to help you get going on your garage to office transformation, keep these tips in mind:

Set Goals

To get the most out of your new headquarters, think about who will be using it. If you and your business partner are going to move the home of your operations into it, you will want to provide enough room for both of you and any necessary furnishings. Check that the electrivity, wi-fi, and phone capabilities available in your area will be suited to your needs. Lastly, before taking the plunge and investing any money, check with your local municipality and get your permits.

Prepare the Spacegarage makeover to home office

Is your garage currently used for your vehicles, or have they vacated the premises because their former home is now bursting with a collection of "things that have no other place?" If the latter, this is the first thing you will want to address. Here is where a residential friendly dumpster rental company like Bin There Dump That will be quite useful. We can get you the right sized bin for your needs, and deliver and pick it up promptly so you can have a thorough cleanup of all the junk from the garage. ('Fess up...we all know you have junk in there... Also, don't forget to sweep the corners and remove all the spider webs.)

Build the Frame

So... floor plan created, permits received, area (with spiders) cleared. Now it's time to frame your work space. Get electricity, wi-fi, and phone lines professionally installed so that everything is safe and up to code, and you also don't have a mess of wires everywhere. For the floor and walls, you might do something as simple as an area rug with a few partitions, or you may decide to put in raised flooring and insulated walls.

The Finer Points

You'll want to bring in adequate lighting, heating, and cooling. A nice fresh coat of paint can also help make your new office a clean, inviting place. The last and best part is moving in your furniture, decorations, art, and any number of personal touches that will make your new work space a pleasant place in which to work and grow your business.

Whatever you do that fits both your budget and your needs, the end result should be your amazing new command center. And who knows? You might become another Steve Jobs. Dream big!

"A 50-year-old company can innovate as well as two guys/gals in a garage" - Guy Takeo Kawasaki